on friday night, february 21, 2003 i dreamed that i was back in my old childhood bedroom in bangkok just lounging around, when from out of nowhere 3 cats entered the room. one was a black and white taby, one was a beautiful white cat and the other a mysterious grey feline. the black and white one was a pain in the ass. it jumped around everywhere and was terrorizing my room. i had to fight and wrestle with it to kick it out! i looked around for the other cute white cat, but could not find it. it seemed to be hiding away from me... finally, giving up, i walked over to the bed and uncover the sheets to find the grey cat sleeping in my bed when it started to talk to me. i had a nagging feeling that something was not right about this conversation with the cat, but i just couldn't put my finger on it. a certain ghostly quality appeared about the grey cat, like a child-like ghost... i told the cat: it's ok for you to sleep here, but you have to be good. then walked over to the head of the bed and saw huge speakers there attached to an ancient stereo system with many many wires. the wires led into a hole in the wall and i just kept saying to myself: hmmm, these are influence lines.... WAKE.

well this is my dream log. thank you for reading.
i wonder what the grey cat will dream of next... :)

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