here's a three part CY dream from a few nights ago.
(warning: graphic material)

am in a car with CY driving around in the dark. had to park in some grungy old building garages. can see people trying to break into my car, but they can't. worried about parking it there, but do. is it still there?

am on the couch now with CY. we start to make love. i take off all your clothes and kiss your body. i go down. you start to climax and cum in my mouth, but it is a strange bitter taste. i turn my head to the left and spit it out. i WAKE up for a bit and find mself spitting on the pillow.

we went shopping somewhere and walk down the hall with lots of grocery bags. halfway in the hallway a tall skinny guy meets us and says: i'll take it from here... he takes the bags and CY leaves with him. i feel sad... WAKE.

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