i am a bit behind on my past dream postings. had a big dream-weekend this past week. so let's go back to saturday, february 22, 2003:

part 1
was in los angeles like our last trip in athena's house. everyone was lounging around the den. we were suppose to have a party or something. who is it for? what party? was looking for my love (chisato) but she was already there at the party with a few other guys (kevin and allan). i wondered: why was she there with them? i was looking for her the entire night. i was a bit puzzled and upset. i tried to get closer to her but did not quite reach her for some reason. the party was eventually a no go, so we all decided to go walking down the beach together...

am inside the aquarium looking at some strange fish with chisato. it was like the aquarium tanks were in the water or something. i scooped up one fish and moved it from one tank to another. i said: look its a rainbow fish. but it wasn't. it turned into some kind of hatchet fish instead. so we let it go into the ocean water. next we moved a cool red fish from one tank into another. the fish refused to go into the tank. instead it morphed into some kind of blue mantis shrimp or something right in front of our eyes. it was pretty big. it refused to sink to the bottom. it eventually crawled out of the tank and escaped into the ocean. it gave me a strange bewildered feeling... WAKE.

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