some more quick ones from last night:

am in another busy class again. lots of smart people everywhere. but it seems like this is more work related stuff or something. the people are taking turns presenting their proud projects. so there i was seated in between this annoying skinny guy and a cute chinese? girl (kinda like the girl i often see at my gym). i was kinda flirting with the girl with some positive results, but the annoying guy kept on cutting in with alot of distractions. i remember that we were handed some food samples at one point during someones presentation and we all took a piece...

am asking my mom if there was anything to eat in the house. she says no, go out to the restaurants near the house. so i walk out to grab some food. i remember walking through this old bar-like restaurant that is kinda on the beach or something. it looks like something in waikiki but i have the feeling that this was bangkok. it was so crowded there that i had to climb up on the counter and walk over some tables to get across! i remember seeing some cute waitress and customers in the crowd as i walked over the counter/table. i also said: excuse me... WAKE.

walking on counters again...

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