i had a yasuko dream the other night! it's been quite a while... (are you reading me?)

i dreamed that i was suppose to meet yasuko at a small floating wooden restaurant or something. much like the one in thailand that we went too, but it was here in hawaii for some reason. there were alot of islands and bridges along the way to the cafe. it was like the restaurant was seperated by some sort of stream and you had to go back and forth along both riverbanks to get there. i felt that she was waiting inside there for me. i could even see her from a distance... i tried desperately to get to her. i crossed over many streams, jumping on the little rocks, and walked over/under many narrow bridges, catwalks, and footpaths. in my journey, i saw alatini in the distance all pimped-out heading somewhere. so i asked: hey man, where are you going? he says: am taking a boat cruise with my family... as i crossed over, i see a lot people getting in line for another boat tour on the pier. there were so many people that it was hard to move around. at this point, yasuko was next to me and held my hand. we started making our way through the crowd back to the restaurant on the other side, hand in hand. after much struggle, we finally made it through to the end of the pier breaking away from the crowd, but alas,,, we had gone the wrong way. the restaurant was on the other side of the river. we had reached a dead end. i felt pretty sad. WAKE.


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