had a good one last night. it went something like this:

i was on a mini-adventure to visit allan at his new house. he lived far away and the road between us was quite a dark and dangerous one. a sense of imminent danger was heavy in the air. i was sneeking about like a ninja in the night around the neighboorhood on the way there. as i got to his place, i peeked through his window and saw his mom and parents there. to avoid them i had to sneak out to the back of his apartment complex and jump down the stairs to the lower level apartments. i was wandering around there for a while. i finally found myself at allan's house and hung out for a bit. there was a girl there too (but am not sure who). after sometime at the allan's house, i had to head back home. as i was heading out, the authorities were there outside looking for somebody! i got excited and rushed back into the house. they followed me in as told everyone to place their hands up and face the wall. we did. the girl there starts laughing at me saying that the cops were after me now, but just as she finishes her sentence: the cops rush her, cuff her and start dragging her away kicking and screaming. she was the evil one after all... ha ha... :)

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