hey! it's been a while... but i got a strange one last night :)

i couldn't read the first part of my hazy morning dream notes! but it looks something like this: "hit warm ---> nep" what the hell is that! anyways, continuing on: a man is in my dream. he says to me: you can do better... i then find myself taking out this cute girl for a walk. we end up walking into this quiet secluded deserted beach area. the area is very dark and dreary (it must be night time). we sat down at the beach to chat, when suddenly her boyfriend enters the scene! he seemed to be a good looking guy too. i had to kinda play-off the intimate night beach walk/chat thing and scoot over to the side. he gives me a quick look and sits down next to her. i sit down alone across from them looking pretty pathetic. it was pretty awkward...

am high above the building on a balcony on a hill above chinatown. i can see the many active streets and people. an old lady on another balcony starts talking to me as we watched the crowds below. she starts going off into tangents and concludes her speech with: ....and that is the history of chinatown... after her speech, i find myself down the hill in the crowded streets with the people participating in a funeral procession/parade... it was more of a celebration than a mourning, but i knew that it was a funeral. for some reason, i end up sitting on top of the sealed coffin as the people carried it and me down the street. very strange.

any thoughts?

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