had a 3 part dream from the night before. here goes:

i am walking through a muddy hill where there is a lot of construction going on. it looks like the woods or something. i see big tall trees everywhere in the muddy forest. everything is brown in color. was it raining or something? the workers are building some kind of cabins in the area with a bunch of pretty simple tools. wrapped all around the tall trees, i see an intricate system of ropes and pulleys. the logs are attached to the ropes and because the system is so good, they can move the huge logs with a simple tug of the rope up the hill. i continue through the site and walk up the hill minding my step and watching out for flying logs...

am on top of the hill now. i think that allan is here hanging out. this area is brighter and surrounded by lots of tall grass. everything is green in color now. we walk up to the top of the hill close to the edge of the cliff. i look down in the grass and notice something. i call allan over to check it out. i say: hey~ check it out. there's a huge snail in the grass. he was not very enthusiastic about it. i suddenly realized that there where many snails hidden everywhere in the grass. yuck.

am now in my apartment/house just relaxing watching tv. my sister suddenly walks in with her new boyfriend. the guy is a big muscular haole fellow. i don't think i ever met this guy before... he walks over to a smith-machine/bench press and starts lifting these heavy weights (yes, there seems to be a mini-gym in my living room). i go over to work-out with him, but he is very cocky and arrogant. i am thinking to myself in my dream: how can she go out with this asshole...? he starts lifting some pretty major weights and i am having a hard time catching up. i get pissed-off by his remarks. i want to kick his ass, but he lifts more than me. i keep the feelings to myself... WAKE.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)

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