i had a car dream last night... i had parked in someone's apartment building. literally inside someone's apartment building. it was an old haggard apartment. i parked right in the building near a few rooms and walked around the old dark hallways a bit. it was poorly lit, wet and kinda scary lookin. then i was picked-up by allan/alden or something and we were driving out somewhere. we drove around the block a few times. on the way back, they dropped me off at that old building where i parked, but my car was gone. i was kinda worried and asked around about it. one guy says: hey, didn't you see the reserved 24-hours sign, dummy! i was pretty bummed-out. i had to call this lot, pay for the tow/lot fees to pick up the car. i decided to linger around the apartment a bit. strolling the dark halls. the parking looked good at first, but was more trouble than it was worth. oh well... WAKE.

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