this is the OFFICIAL "to do" list:
i am sure, cause i carry it around with me in my damn laptop bag everywhere i go.
so here goes.

  1. around the island (aka take allan to north shore) - we thought it couldn't be done. but yes. we made it. check one.
  2. 24-hr fitness at pearl kai - it's just around the corner... i feel it.
  3. makapuu lighthouse - i scoped it out a few times for the entrance trail. more of a drive- by.
  4. interisland (ie. maui or kauai) - i love kauai (for so many reasons...)
  5. mainland (seattle, las vegas, los angeles) - just for coffee bean and tea leaf and krispy kremes and bath and bodyworks
  6. sydney - it's looking more and more like next year now
  7. waikiki beach - a definite can do here.
  8. movie (aka take allan to more that 2 movies this year) - probably going to be next year too. unless we can get im out to $1 dodgeball at restuarant row.
  9. national park - i guess volcano counts here. so close and yet so far away...

let's get to it people!

will update.

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