dreamed about boss bob last night. he was showing me his new apartment that he had just bought. it was over 1/2 million dollars and he was pretty happy about it. we made our way up the mountain overlooking a cliff. the view was much like the drive over koko head for some reason. on top we made our way through the old apartment. this is 1/2 mil? we passed by a few old rooms that was owned by other people... why are we walking pass their houses? inside bob shows us his place. here;s the bedroom, the living room and the study room. it was nice but not super extravagant. the view from the living room was kinda nice though...

on the walk back we passed this grungy old hallwall. it was dark and stinky. in the middle of the hallway was this pile of rubbish infested with a bunc of little roaches. i girl was there wathcing them. she told me that she first put 2 roaches in a white envelope to see if they would reproduce. she then left it there in the pile. i asked if they did and she saids: i don't know. i haven't checked for a looonng time. i got kinda worried and walked on... WAKE.

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