this dream was from a week ago...
it's been a pretty busy week.

dream that i took another business trip with boss bob in new york. we stayed at a really nice hotel that looked like a big castle. we walked over to the subway to catch the train. it was real hi-tech like a scene from the matrix or something. we got on the platform which started moving and we had to move fast and jump on the train before we missed it. walls were sliding back and forth. it was like a maze.

eventually i end up at some girls apartment. bob is no longer here. this girl is talking to me but i am not really paying attention cause i am watching tv. she has these strange evil cats and dogs that are running around terrorizing the place. they kept on bugging me as i was watching tv. the girl turns to me and says: "they are very naughty, aren't they?" naughty kitty... WAKE.

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