the phone card adventures...

ok. it's friday night. late night. around 2 am and man, am i still wired. i just had a pitcher and a half of heinekens at mai tais with friends and then strangers. i got my head rubbed by some big local titas, and i bought a birthday shot for a married 22 year old who's swinger husband just happens to be hanging out with her. cool guy. he introduces me to his wife and girlfriend. the secret to woman, he says is complement and confirmation. it's not about buying drinks, but about telling a woman that she's beautiful. damn, i seemed to have failed that class. but that's another story. so here i am all wired tonight. wide awake. it's been a slow work week. and a busy work day. i watch some tv, and check some mail. i burn a music cd, and read the mail again. you never get enough mail sometimes. i feel edgy. but in a different way. not quite as miserable as my past edgy nights. i come to a conclusion: i want to call you. the time is just right, but i don't have a phone card. the last one i got was a while ago. i slide on some shorts and head out into the night like a crazed addict looking for trouble. first i head to that korean store with the best phone cards. right around the corner from here. i jump in the card and drive to the shop. closed. all lights out. i keep going straight towards the waikiki 7/11. it's a rough place at this time of night. the wave crowd is drunk and out on the prowl. i make my way cautiously to the counter.
we have no phonecards, she says. try any hotel lobby or daiei. daiei! that's right next to my apartment! i start to drive back. at daiei i scope out the counters. it's a different place at 2:30 in the morning. a sorry, sad place. don;t these people sleep? i'm sorry the lady says. we don't sell any cards now. but we do have a rip-off phone card machine there near the atms. i check out the machine. it's emtpy light is on. tough break. all i wanted to do was make a call. i guess it wasn't mean to be. as i walked out of daiei. the rain started to pour. and pour. i drive back home with nothing but another posting for the blog. just to clear my head a bit. i guess i could try again tomorrow. can this call wait? thanks for reading :)

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