the long goodbye

this story actually has a happy ending. but it started with another "call waiting anxiety" (please see below). at 6pm she tells me that she had a movie date until late, so i asked her to please call me back for a last goodbye if she doesn't end up sleeping with the guy. by 11pm there was no call. there i was glued to the tv at home lifeless on the leather couch waiting. my heart is sinking. but it shouldn't be. we're not even together now. i decided to drive and release some of this tension. late nights, music and cars were made for lonely sleepless people. i started out in waikele. it was midnight by the time i got to town. i was dead tired. i decided to hold out a bit more~ so i drive out to hawaii kai. the odds of a call after midnight are slim. but i'll give it to 12:30am, just in case it's a long movie. i drive pass kahala and make my way around diamond head. strange thoughts and images pop into my mind. i turn towards kapiolani park and start to head back. there was no call. all is lost. at 12:27am in my despair, my phone rings. i'm filled with life again. i kept her company all night for a long goodbye. we hug-talked for a good 2 hours and we made love for the rest. her alarm goes off at 4:00am and she starts to get ready. i see her to the shuttle at 5:20 and drive home. 2 people so comfortable together but still apart. "why did you make love with me again," i asked her. "because i miss you..." she replied. i told you it was a happy ending.

i'll see you again, love.
have a great year~

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