darkness demon dream

i dreamed that i was staying at some old log cabin in the woods with 3 friends. the cabin was dark and dreary. as night fell, we found ourselves lounging-out in the cabin's old living room. i was sitting in one corner having a drink and one of the girls was sitting near the bar counter. as i turned to talk to her, a dark dense cloud of darkness covered the bar. my friend was lost in the darkness. she struggles with the darkness and one arm becomes visible. we run over to help her, but could not grab in time. the cloud disappears but she is gone. it took her! what's happened? before we were able to do anything, we hear another muffled scream from one of the bedrooms and rush over. once again we see the dark cloud dragging our friend away. it moves to the back wall and passes through it. we rush outside to catch them, but find nothing. as we walk back into the inside, all the lights in the cabin suddenly turn on and all the doors become locked. we could not get back inside. i kneeled down and peeped through a small opening in the door to find an evil face starring back at me. it was the face of the demon inside (kinda like the creature from the movie jeepers creepers). it saw me, and i was frozen. what do we do now? WAKE.

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At 6:00 AM, Blogger Ngakaari said...

Stop watching horror movies. ;p

At 2:23 AM, Blogger finnegan said...


This sort of dream is what I enjoy writing about most. However it's not fun going through, is it?

Come on by and check out some of my recent wierd encounters and leave a comment or two. My blog was not posting pictures of late because of server down time, but now everything is hunky dory.



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