friday lunches: the pizza hut challenge

we went out for an aloha friday work lunch at pizza hut today. all you can eat pizza lunch buffet. let the challenge begin. KM and EA are 2 pretty big boys, so i had to workextra hard today. luckly i only had a cereal bar for breakfast. 4 plates down and EA is still going strong! the soda doesn't seem to slow him down. i struggle to keep up. KM is done after 12 slices. i end the day in second place with about 16 slices (boy, am i stuffed). the victor gets a sore stomach and bragging rights. til the next challenge brother, til the next challenge...

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At 8:35 PM, Blogger letti said...

usually by the time i finish my glass of water i can't even stuff anything in my mouth..much less a "expanding in water" piece of pizza...*sigh*


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