dog sitting: part 2

am trying to keep up with letti's blog here with the food and dog themes (it's pretty tough!:). well this one took a while, but here's the second part in a nutshell... li'i was a sweet corgi and i had the pleasure of dog-sitting her a few weeks ago at my friends house. it was dark and so quiet in manoa. the only sound int he house was the strong winds blowing. it rattled the blinds and tired/drunk as i was, i could not sleep. i was up on blog explosion trying to rack up some more credits to hit 10,000 before RO (though he won). li'i stayed up with me. she eagerly welcomed me as i prepared her dinner and left her for the club. sorry girl, your not dressed for o-lounge tonight. i'll be back soon. she moaned a bit in sorrow. i felt bad, but had to go. at 2am i got back from drinks and late-night unagi-don/sushi. li'i graciously welcomed me home. i jumped back on the computer for a bit, but was too tired to write. we head up to the bedroom and i popped in a dvd (scary movie 3) to wind down. it's kind of hard for me to sleep in a new place, especially with the winds roaring outside. she jumps on the bed and watches the movie with me. i can see that she was really really tired. but she was determined to stay up, so we watched almost the entire movie, though i don't recall when i dosed off and woke up again. it was almost 4:30am then. pretty tired now. lights out. dreamless sleep.

there is really no point to this story and i know, the writing is horrible today. just can't focus much after my third coffee. but if there was any lesson here for me, i guess it would be this: "you know..., it's great having somebody there for you. great having someone around. great having somebody waiting for you. to get cozy with in the late late hours. that's kinda nice."

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At 3:19 PM, Blogger kathy said...

Aww cute dog. this was a nice post...Its true! nothing like having someone to come home to. having someone there for you. :-)

At 9:53 PM, Blogger dreaming-neko said...

glad you liked the post :)
life is about people and love...


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