no one waiting

at ryan's late night drinks tonight, i realize why i've been down. when the 4 of us went came back from sydney, three of us had somebody waiting for them in honolulu. i was the only one that was alone. 'there's nobody waiting for me here...' it's such a sad thought. why am i even here? i scrambled for my only life-line but she was not there~ i'm on my own. and i need more practice at this. i'm just so use to having 'someone.' a best-friend, a soul-mate, a love, a lover. i've gotten so spoiled. a decade of relationships has erased the memories of what it's like to be alone. i wonder if it's worth killing time here with strange people (users) that don't really care? will i have enough distractions to make it through this period? i really hope so~

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