eating-neko: paesano's with family

we celebrated my father's 77th birthday today at paesano's in the manoa marketplace. a great little italian restaurant with good atmosphere, good service and great food. the place was completely packed on a monday night. they just re-openned after a 3-week renovation, and they were very much missed by the regular diners. we started the meal with some warm house bread, a salami/cheese/anchovies appettizer, and some cold anti-pasto. my main entree was veal alla milanese: a tasty breaded veal cooked with lots of garlic and a side of pasta. a small chocolate gellato completed the meal. we really don't get out much these days as a family, so it's always a special time for us when we do. i hope you had a great night, dad. happy birthday! i love you guys.

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spammers just love the neko!

please don't make me change my comment settings :(


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