pimp'n out in 2006

grumpy co-worker: hi neko, where are you going today?
neko: no special plans... why do you ask?
grumpy co-worker: why are you all dressed up so nice?
neko: oh~ i'm just pimp'n out this year, man...

yup. pimp'n out in 2006. i bought 8 luxe dress-shirts from banana republic this past quarter (hurray to BR outlets!). i was given 3 more as gifts (i think i have the entire fall collection now: these shirts just fit so well). 5 of my dress-shirts have french cuffs, so i got a pair of cuff-links from kenneth cole (first pair ever!)... and while i was out there i picked up a second pair of black loafers too (shiny and formal). all dressed up and no place to go? no, not at all! it's 2006 and we're going places, people!

now, if i only had an iron at home...

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