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i spent last week researching the 2006 civic coupe and waiting for a test-drive. the hype is pretty big: the redesigned civic won motortrend's 2006 car of the year. a civic! while i love 'lily,' my 2003 accord ex-v6 coupe, i was kinda curious about this new ride. i drove over to tony honda twice to check out the little car, but they were flying off the lot. the only 2 coupes that i saw there were already sold.

is the new coupe a downgrade from 'lily?' am i too old for a civic coupe (is it still a kiddie-car)? will i still be happy with a civic in 5 years? will i save any money from this? oh well... in the meanwhile it's time for lily's oil-change and wash/wax. we had over two good years together. maybe i should just tint her windows and be content.

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