late night quickies

-yup, it's 11:43pm and i'm still in the office. yay!

-we had a nice small bbq gathering for AO last sunday. happy bday, man! time flies with ML gripes (west-side!), cold swimming pools, little elle, frosty heinekens and juicy ribeyes :P

-my arms are peeling this week from the previous big island wedding adventures. 3 weeks after! my face peeled after only a week~ what gives?

-i had 3 good deeds last week: helped do a paper, an exam and a move (the legs come off, man). just waiting for that good karma to arrive in the mail now... is it fedex-ed or usps? :P

-have another wedding this saturday at the sheraton waikiki. the whole island is getting married this year (but me...). congrats, DT!

-will be flying out to phoenix and los angeles next week (may 15-20) for 2 conferences. if your out in the area, please drop me a call~ let's coffee :)


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