belated quickies

-this post is dedicated to tin-tin. i promised you a post last week and didn't come through. sorry, love :(

-hey, i finally made it to coffeetalk this month! and my people are here... i love this place.

-thank you! thank you! thank you for all your well wishes! thank the office for cpk lunch. thank the boys for boston's pizza bday. thank AT for the sweet balloon and jeero! thank ML for that bar35 drink and legends dim sum (tripe! yum!)! thank KO for fukuya's, thank AM and ST for the gifts. thank CY for the surprise gift package. thank MT for the surprise card! thank you parents for that great chart house dinner! (the orchestra is playing... did i miss anyone?)

-june has been an odd month. it started with alot of eating/drinking, followed by a dizzy/floating new-eyeglasses week. the third week was sleepless, lost, and down. i had 2 retail exchanges this month already (that's not a good sign).

-but hell~ after a good coffee with SG yesterday, i was reminded that: i can still 'choose' to be happy... so i choose to be happy (dammit!) :P

-new eats this month included a trip to malaysian food: green door cafe and rred elephant cafe with hawaii bloggers consuela and ritsuko. i'm going back for another visit. what's next on the menu? :)

-i'm hoping for a business trip to toronto and waterloo in late july. my first trip to canada! i'm hoping to stay a little longer for sightseeing~ coffee in toronto anyone?

-i just realized that i haven't really been 'writing' much in my posts... a few incoherent sentences here and some remarks there, but lots of short weird posts overall. i promise more hearty material in july~

- new quitting: excess television. oh, how you trap me~ i can't turn you off (until 1am). you show me nothing but re-runs and leave me lifeless. they say that: 'you are what you do in your spare time...' so, i will overcome you.

-ok, i was secretly trying to change my template over the past few days, but you caught me. i didn't find anything i liked. i really wanted a blogger modified light-colored 'squibble' theme from wordpress, but alas the conversion was futile. i'm attached to this page. for now~

-i've given up on the ward hangouts: closing down that original starbucks was the last straw. the crowds have changed, the parking's horrible, its all commercial, and i've changed. my new love (aside from waialae) is downtown. bar35, indigo, thirtynine hotel, mercury bar, and all those unique little eateries! it's gritty, its' artsy, it's edgy, it's me.

-there are lots of new material in store. will update and read you soon. cheers!

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