here are a few quick ones from last night. i had more details but i hesitated to take notes right after i woke up. damn! i was so groggy. it started to fade from me while i was sitting on the john. by the time i got out of the shower, this is all i had left...

part 1
back in that bangkok house again. in the outdoor kitchen area that overlooks the back yard. from here i can see the back gate door. it's not a big area, but in the dream ghosts are moving in through that back gate door. people are across from them defending the area. a battle ensues as i watch from the kitchen table area. a wall of water divides the 2 sides. the ghosts never reach me, but they inch closer as they advance... creepy.

part 2
in a hotel room now with chisato. it seems to be a really fancy upsale place. we move over to the couch for a snuggle. opening the large wooden shutters, we see a bright and lively beach scene similar to waikiki. it was pretty grand. i tell chisato: that's a pretty cool pool ya? WAKE.


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