here's a late dream from last friday night.

i am stuck in a room by myself? or with this girl there? the room is a simple room with a big bed in the middle and not much else around it. kinda like a hotel room or something. in this dream, bad thoughts are being projected from my mind or is it the girl's mind and they form into real life people threatening us in the room. these people are evil, just like the thoughts and i have to protect myself/the girl by fighting with these demons. i vividly remember literally punching a few of them in the gut to beat them up. as i do: POOF they would disappear. but new evil thoughts/persons would appear in the room and i would be jumping around the room fighting these guys. i kinda remember being on the winning side of this battle, but i don't recall how it ends (or maybe it just never does end...) WAKE.

my late night buddhist readings are catching up with me...

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