3 part dream from lat night. here goes:

i am half-awake when i get up in the middle of the night cause my a/c is making some strange noises. i look out the lanai window and realize that the noises are coming from the parking lot. so i run downstairs to the parking and find that all the cars in the lot were stolen. all of them. everyone was walking around stunned...

back at my apartment. a cute girl is in my room playing with her computer. i wanted to add her to my IM and add the program on her laptop, but i couldn't find the program on her computer. i was not even a windows operating system. i searched through the programs and the files a bit but could get set up. we couldn't connect...

back home in thailand now. hanging out in the garage with allan/rudy? he helps me clean out my car. there is a million dirt/leaves/lint stuff inside my car and i have to take everything out to clean it. once we took crap out, it turned into ugly little bugs/critters crawling all around the place. but we kept on cleaning and pulling the seats out. i stop for a break during the cleaning and walk to the fridge. i find one of my dogs there and start to play with it while drinking water... back to cleaning up... WAKE!

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