the oofing story:

there i was. it was saturday night and i was minding my own business on the computer at home watching the olympics. suddenly from the corner of my eye, i see my this girl moving strangely in the apartment across from me. she lives with another girl room mate but earlier in the night i saw a dude in there with her. only one girl there tonight. her apartment is really bright and they open all the curtains just like me. but one of the girls has her bed press right against the window, so its like a reality tv show over at her apartment night.

so there i was with my eyes on this girl moving/shaking up and down on the bed, when i suddnely realize that she was actually riding her boyfriend! they were having sex in front of me! bastards! she was riding him like a rodeo, but they both had their shirts on. they started to move faster and faster. then suddenly she collapse into a hug with the guy. shows over. it must have been only a minute or so, but it sure felt like a long time. i was still stunned. never expected it. i wonder if they saw me. and i wondered if they would stop if they saw me. maybe they were putting on a show.

while i wasn't trying to pull some peeping tom action here, it was hard to avoid the show. i wanted to clap. it was so beautiful. gotta put on a real show for them later sometime... oh well...

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At 11:00 AM, Blogger Honolulu808 said...

Next time I'll go with you to the nudy bar.


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