driving day dreams

hi there :)
it's been so long since my last blogs but heaven knows that so much has gone on since then.
i hope to re-capture a few thoughts with you here and there...

on my drive home to waikele tonight in the pouring rain, i had a thought. or maybe it was more of a day dream. we had a long deep talk day at starbucks coffee and a few martinis at ryans grill. while driving home, i just thought that it would be pretty cool if RO and myself could actually sit down for coffee WITH BOTH OUR WIFES/PARTNERS together for a great coffee session at some nice coffee shop somewhere someday. i could really see it. it kinda made me well up a bit. i was full of emotion. deep in thought. driving in the rain. it seems so far away now~

but i think it could happen.
one day...

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