happy new year 2005!

1st blog of 2005...
happy new year everyone!

i saw my chinese horoscope for 2005 posted on the wall at a macdonalds today. yup, it's official. i am going to have a crappy year. it will be a tough 2005 for business and romance. oh yeah~ give it to me. i could use a challenge this year...

2004 was such an exciting year, in retrospect.
love, romance, heartbreak, work, play, travel, stuff. it was all there.
minus a few dings in the character department.
i guess '05 will be a year of stability and renewal.
i am going to hit the big 3-0 with a whimper this year.
goodbye 20's... hello 30's...

it's going to be an exciting year! :)
good luck folks.

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