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i have only one famous autograph. it's of buzz aldrin. buzz who? buzz aldrin, people! he was the second man on the moon! i met him while working on the atlantis submarines shuttle boat off of waikiki. i was the photo-guy back then. he was in hawaii promoting his documentary: from the earth to the moon. the autograph was written on the boat's brown motion-sickness bag (aka aloha-bag). it reads: "to choak, best wishes, buzz aldrin". i keep it in my planner. he went to the moon, i can do anything... :)

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At 10:06 PM, Blogger Ngakaari said...

I have Dave Prowse's signature.
He's the guy inside the Darth Vader costume in the movies by the way and he was a cool guy too.

At 11:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

did you take a pic with him neko? that would have been cool :)

At 10:05 AM, Blogger finnegan said...

That's ultra cool Neko. Can't say I've ever met anyone who's walked on the moon. However, I have met many many lunatics in my life. Doesn't count I know.

Here's one of my close encounters with immortality. was on the lot of Paramount back in the mid 70's while Chinatown (starring Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunnaway) was being filmed. I stood at the stage right next to Roman Polanski (who was sitting in his high director's chair). They were shooting and re-shooting that famous scene where Jake comes back from the barber's after hearing the 'Chinaman' joke and is trying to tell his operatives the joke while Mrs. Mulwray is standing at the door with her lawyer unbeknownst to Jake.

Oh, and I saw Elvis Presley in Vegas, Jimi Hendrix's last concert in L.A., Led Zeppelin's first and second L.A. concerts, Bob Dylan's famous '74 return concert with The Band...oh and I could go on and on BUT! I've never met the man on the moon.

Elvis and all the rest will one day be forgotten. Not Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong.

At 1:11 PM, Blogger dreaming-neko said...

you met elvis, man!
you win :)


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