bad day follies continue

i thought i hit the peak of my bad-day streak, but it just gets better. first i woke up late for work with a martini hangover from last night's adventures. next i hit mega-traffic at 10am on the way to work. so then i get to the office and find out that i'm still the only one here on our busy schedule inquiry day (with about 12 angry messages on the answering machine). then i get some hot coffee and decide to spill some on my light-tan colored chino's. mmmm... warm.

on the bright side, i did get invited to a UH travel industry management school dinner (i am an alumni) tonight at the hilton in waikiki (our company sponsored a table), but i can't find anyone to go with me at the last minute. so i guess, i'll have a ball there alone in my coffee-stained pants. does it get any better than this? i hope not... :)

guess what? the dinner was cancelled due to some last minute reservation problems. i should've known~

drove to waikiki for dinner with parents. got stuck in stand-still traffic for an hour just in waikiki due to parade road blocks. yay!

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