the house wants me out: part 2

so the locusts have not come. that's good news.

but the scorpions have decided to drop by for another visit. maybe he is looking for his flatten cousin or something? in anycase, there i was this morning late for work rushing into the bathroom to get ready. i shaved, stripped and jumped into the tub. the only thing worst than finding a scorpion in your bathtub in the morning is: finding a scorpion in your bathtub in the morning while being completely naked. in the buff. i mean, i was highly exposed to attacks here. i couldn't even run out to grab my trusty abercrombie sandal or the big computer book.

the scorpion was sly this time. he hid under my toothpaste in the the corner of the tub, but hey!: i'm on to you, buddy! i can see that little tail with the stinger hanging out there! i frantically searched for a weapon. the only thing i could find was the toothbrush. in three swift moves: i flipped the toothpaste, pushed the critter into the tub with the toothbrush, and turned on the hot water (it was all i could think of at the moment). heroic music playing now in the background. the creature tried to crawl out, but i flushed him down the drain into neverland.

i wonder if this counts as the fourth sign for me to leave this place. i think it's still a part of the third-attack. i'm staying house! and that's that! so let's play nice and get along...

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