the fireman's auction and un-conditional drinks

i can't believe i went out tonight. i was so close to having a mellow night at home. but after 4 emails and 4 calls i just had to do it. so it's 1:32 now and i just got back from another crazy night at oceans club. i don't even know why we went there for the "fireman's auction night." it took us over an hour of waiting to get into this super packed place. inside, the ladies were going wild over tall shirtless muscle-bound men dancing on the runway. the firemen were strutting their stuff for some good charity cause or another (or maybe just to help out some lonely firemen). it was pretty interesting. the average joes were being auctioned off for about $200 dollars a date and the the studs were selling through the roof! that's gotta be a boost for your ego. there are ladies screaming and dancing everywhere, and i guess that's why we're here.

in any case, it was the pefect night at oceans with great ratios there (70% beautiful ladies to 30% chumps). we had 2 groups of lady-friends there at the club and the crowd was happy. but strangely for some reason, everything that we did was just all wrong! nothing went right. this was the most sober night of clubbing i've had in a very long time. i just could not get a drink for all my efforts tonight. for some reason the lines were outrageous and the waitress were not very friendly today. high and dry. sadly after failing to order some drinks for our female company who left, we walked over to the bar again to grab ourselves some drinks. there we waited in line again. but miraculously we made it up to the counter. 2 stoli tonics please. i handed the bartender some cash, but the man looks up at us and says: "your drinks are taken cared of guys..." taken cared of? who bought us drinks? did he punch the register in error? KO seemed to recall seeing some friendly ladies on the right when we were waiting in line. nobody approached us, and we were left baffled with free stoli's. did we miss them? i feel so obligated. who do we thank? clueless, we walked off to rejoin the group. oh well, drink up~

i for one, do not really believe in "un-conditional drinks". do they really exist? we live in such a reciprical society that i don' think that anything comes without a cost. if a man buys you a drink, he wants something. it may just be a chat or your time... but definitely something. some girls will fool themselves into thinking that he's just a "nice guy" but ladies: he wants something for that drink. some guys may lie and say they want nothing, but woman he wants your conversation, he wants your time, he wants your touch and ultimately, he wants your body (guaranteed). most nice girls will recipricate in some way. some not so nice girls will not, and just take advanage of fellow. it's a tough world. if you don't want to recipricate in kind, just refuse the drink to start...

so by ignorance or by luck, we stumbled upon some un-conditional drinks today. and though it may not sound like much, after buying many many rounds for many many strangers, it's kinda nice to be appreciated. thanks, ladies! :)

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At 5:04 AM, Blogger bye said...

You are remembered in my prayers, Neko, wishing you safe driving after drinking. My weekend began late Friday afternoon boarding the Paper Chase where accomodations were comfortable that night in the Vee Berth. Sailing off shore in the Gulf ended this morning. There were two couples with ladies each in their own sleeping bag. Susan and I did the Vee berth Friday and up on deck Saturday. The moon was "Holding Water" and the stars, 30 miles out, were magnificant. Life is more than good, it is incredible.


At 8:28 AM, Blogger bye said...

Quick question: Thanks for clues on little pics but why bother with the alt="PPP's Proper dress for Proper date to Prom." in

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At 7:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't remember when was the last time I went clubbing... regardless of sober or drunk..hmm..I've turned into a hermit during the last four years...YIKES!

At 9:52 PM, Blogger dreaming-neko said...

allie: wow! it looks like you had an exciting weekend. tampa must be nice from a yacht~ :)

the "alt" tag is a pic label that shows up when you put your cursor on the pic in internet explorer or the photo doesn't load correctly in the browser.

jumble: i think that hibernating hermits are sexy. don't you? :)


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