i'm a leader?

i took the personality type test quiz from jumble's site the other day, and was kinda surprised by the results (i must have cheated on some of the questions or something). it seems that i'm a leader by personality. well, the 4 parts kinda match, and i do lead a little in my small neko world (i reject your reality and substitute my own!), but hmmm... maybe i need to take this thing again... if i change the extrovert part to introvert i become a Mastermind. but hey, i got Leader first so i'm sticking with it!

your answers suggest you are a Leader
the four aspects that make up this personality type are:
planner, ideas, heads and extrovert
summary of leaders

* natural managers who strive for efficiency
* see the big picture and make strategic plans for the future
* think of themselves as bright, independent and logical
* may overlook other people's need for emotional support

try it out: here~

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