writer's block in miami

my head feels like an unmade bed. victim of a vodka attack~

so i'm sitting in the hotel room thinking of stuff to blog. i even got a to-blog list in the planner and a few boring pics here. but the words are not flowing well today. must be those 9 vodkas i had last night at monty's and the van dyke cafe jazz bar. gotta clear my head. on the plus side, my cold got lonely and flew to europe to meet a special someone. sigh, he gets all the good trips... :(

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At 9:20 PM, Blogger 8o8gnsurfing said...

Too bad theres no Diamond Head Video there.:)

At 5:07 PM, Blogger anonymousthinker said...

goodness.. ur in miami!! enjoy it... no worries about the writers block.. go out and see this amazing place... get out of the hotel room... now! what i wouldn't give to go shoppin there.. ahhhh.. hope to see some or ur amazing pictures as well...


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