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shokudo / momomo / toraji

there's been a rush of great new japanese eateries cropping up here in honolulu. per KT's request, here's my must-eat list of exciting new eats in town. get ready for your next visit! the first one is shokudo near ala moana shopping center. a casual style japanese dining place that i still need to visit late night (they close at 2am). then there's momomo, a great imana's te-like izakaya (japanese drinking restaurant/pub) on waialae. the food and atmosphere was great! gotta visit this place again. next we have yakiniku toraji on kapahulu. a new korean/japanese yakiniku (bbq) restaurant from the famous chain in japan. and lastly, we have okonomiyaki kai across from the new walmart in town. a classy okonomiyai/izakaya place in town. i still have to visit toraji and kai too~ hope this helps, KT :)

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