sprintpcs attacks!

my sprintpcs cellphone attacked me last thursday. we had a small power-outtage in the office and the wi-fi downstairs went down. i had to connect to the web with my cellphone for my personal notebook. at the end of the day, i received a text message from sprint saying that my phone service was disconnected. i called up customer service and found out that i got billed for over $500 for web services eventhough i had signed up for the unlimited web plan. it was some sort of computer glitch. i was on the line with 3 reps for about 45 minutes. they said this service inquiry would take 5-10 days, and temporarily credited my account to get it back online. i got home that night and had to check on my email (for the notebook shipment). on friday morning, i checked my sprint balance and it had jumped up to $900 because of the web charges! sprintpcs attacks again! consumers beware~

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