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at the sunday film festival screening, i had a realization: this is where i want to meet my next love. it feels right. i belong. i like the people and the energy here: warm, friendly, open, stylish, creative, cultured, beautiful, and international. a good vibe. brainstorming a bit more, i came up with a list of the top 3 places that i would like to meet my next love:

1. coffee shop - be it starbucks or coffeetalk, in hawaii or abroad, please find me. i actually met 3 past loves at coffee. and ended one past relationship there. it comes full circle.
2. bookstore - there's nothing more sexy than a reader lost in a book. i can spend hours lost in a bookstore. i'd love to find another lost bookstore-partner.
3. international film festival - neko goes international. cause international-people are lonely people. they fit in, but stand out. every place is home, but not quite.

it's sad, cause we spend so much time in bars, clubs, pubs, and lounges going out. i don't really want to meet my next love there (or do i?). there's got to be more to life than alcohol, though i met 2 past loves over drinks. c'est la vie.

where would you like to meet your next love? or where did you meet your current love?

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