tree-trimming 101

i had the pleasure of working with master tree-trimmer ST this past weekend. the task was surprisingly fun and a great stress-reliever. the association gave us notice that one of the plants in the yard was breaking the fence, and it had to be removed. it was a good one-hour workout. we had a tough time chopping down the plant behind my roommate's love-stone shrine (it's the source of his mojo: rub it for luck!) and the fence. we were attacked by bees, ants and a centipede. having so much fun with the plant, we next focused on the over-grown 20-foot tree in the yard. AT wanted to take down the monster, so we started to tackle the left branch. this took another exciting hour. we'll save the other two branches for next week. enough fun for one day!

* rubs love-stone for luck *
who should i dedicate the hibiscus flower to? :)

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