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eating-neko late night dining adventures at sushi king. a small local-favorite located a few blocks from puck's alley. this japanese restuarant has a sushi bar and a full menu that includes an early bird/midnight special combo for $7.75. it closes at 2am. so last saturday after the movie, we went wild at sushi king. we had to sit on the counter because the place was wall-to-wall packed with lines running out the building. i couldn't resist the ala carte sushi at the counter. no chu-toro (fatty-tuna) tonight :( but the amae-ebi (sweet shrimp) was precious! in hawaii the amae-ebi is served with deep-fried shrimp heads real crunchy like chips. so we had 2 orders of amae-ebi followed up by 2 more orders of salmon and one order of maguro (tuna) plus the midnight special combo with unagi (fresh water eel). we was sooo full. i was quite impressed with the sushi cuts there: fresh, thick, and little rice. another late night winner~

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