it's chili-frank week

o yeah! it's chili-frank week again here in the neko house. 11 years of hawaii island living have honed the fine art of quick filling bachelor-food here. chili-frank week starts with a trip to zippy's restaurant (can we call it a restaurant?) for that sumptuous zippy's chili (the secret ingredient is: peanut butter!). buy 2 tubs of zippy's beanless chili (one hot, one cold). next we stop by foodland for the redondo's dinner franks. please don't confuse these with the red hawaiian winners. we only want the best stuff here! back at home, i'll cook up about 2-3 cups of medium-grain white rice. microwave franks. add chili, add cayenne pepper and voila~ it's chili frank time. eat for one complete week (about 3 meals per chili tub). let the feasting begin. bon appetitie!

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