san francisco part 4: eating-neko

san francisco was a great eating town! i knew it when i got my room service at the fairmont and they had rice with the angus new york strip (instead of mash or potatoes). that's quality stuff! aside from the hotel dining, we went to a cheesesteak sandwich place in san francisco center mall for a quick snack and ate twice at the sinfully good scoma's at fisherman's. it was that good! on the first night i had lobster thermidor. my dad has always raved about this dish, but no one serves it in hawaii. so the thermidor was an exceptionally great choice with the clam chowder. on the second evening, i had a half-dozen oysters followed by a cup of lobster bisque. the main entree was shellfish saute sec followed by some dark-chocolate gellato. bon appetite!

a hearty dinner, bags packed, a late night sleep and an early drive to sacremento. a short flight now and back to honolulu. i left king-neko back at san francisco too~ he was too full to jump on the plane with me. i wish i could spend my birthday with him, but he never follows me home after trips... oh well...

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