the two apple pie coma-nap

i just awoke from my two apple pie coma-nap i feel dizzy, weak and feverish. my head is spinning, but i'm lucky to be alive... settling for a quick mcdonald's dinner tonight, i headed for the drive-through. i order 2 mcchicken sandwiches and 1 apple pie, but got sold on 2 apple pies for the small price of $1~ what a big mistake. the 2 sandwiches went down well, the second apple pie took me over the edge! i fell into a coma-like nap watching animal planet (most extreme countdown). i woke up sweaty on the leather couch and made my way to the bedroom for another 3 hour nap. my stomach churns and rumbles. a sweaty restless sleep. i finally openned my eyes again around 11:15pm with a post stuck in my head: i had survived the two apple pie coma-nap. readers be warned... :)

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