a special thanks

just wanted to take a moment here to thank you all for your thoughtful birthday comments and wishes. from KT's first birthday wishes one day before, to sweet jumble's bday post, to dinner at okonomiyaki kai with close friends (ST, MK, SG, AT, AO, AM), to lagoons with KM, to coffee with LW, to the AM/CY/ST/AT/SG/LC lei, gifts and cards, to the magoo's drinks with KN and friends, to the dinner at chiang mai with KN and friends, to the last dinner with dad at morton's. (did i miss anyone/anything? i hope not.) it's been a long, fun birthday-week. thank you for everything! :)

p.s. i know i've been slacking on my posts and readings. i haven't dropped by coffeetalk for over 3 weeks. i promise to pick it up a bit~ cheers!

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