dog days in waikele: part 2

the dog loves AM. he follows him around the house and whines for him when he is gone. it's like they have some history together or something... in contrast the dog ignores me most of the time. big dogs are not very affectionate, but he does like to save all his doggie poop for me at 6am every morning (is that affection? or comfort?). it never fails. through rain and cold. the dog must go at 6am (which is kinda bad cause i normally wake up at 8am). i wake up hazy and grumpy with plastic bags in tow for our morning rounds. the evening/night walks are much more pleasant. it's quite therapeutic actually: just me and the dog on a leash in the dark night~ no phones, no screens. it's kinda nice, just me and my thoughts and the dog with his scents. but after 10 days i still gag when i pick up big doggie poop with those plastic shopping bags. my eyes tear up... gotta hold my breath... it's just so... warm. in anycase, the dog is being picked up on monday. 3 walks left til then, buddy.

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