eating-neko: yohei sushi restaurant

i went to yohei sushi restaurant on dillingham with KO and LW for lunch today. the hype was quite big. KO has been raving about this place for a long time now and today was my day. the restuarant was small and cozy with tightly packed tables. it was still crowded at 1pm. we started with alittle nigiri sushi: nicely cut hamachi for them, amae ebi and sake for me (my pieces were good but not great). then came my main dish: the much raved-about misoyaki-butterfish teishoku. my friends... this may possibly be the best tasting fish that i've EVER eaten in my life! it was that good! the miso grilled butterfish was moist and rich full of flavor. i ate it slow to savor the taste. pure heaven. run there now!

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