hypnotism 101

i went to our credit union's annual meeting/dinner at the hale koa hotel this past saturday. everything went fine and swell until i was pressured to volunteer for the hypnotist's show that night. 12 of us went on stage for a crowd of 200. only 6 people were left on stage after the trance (i was NOT pulled off the stage~ darn you, KM!). stuck in the spotlight, i made a pact to let go and have fun. the crowds went wild~ in a nutshell: i played air-violin, hopped around like a ballerina, slow danced with some dude, forgot my name (sing happy birthday), tried out for a water commercial after novocaine, howled like a werewolf, and won a chinese rap-battle contest... (hell yeah!). i'm still waiting for the video of the show to arrive. it was an interesting night :)

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