viva las vegas!

i flew down to vegas with the boys (ST, AM, AO, KO) last feb 27 - mar 2. another wild, eating, shopping, gambling, no sleep escapade in sin city with a few good friends. a non-stop romp of $3.99 steaks, 4am breakfast, main street hotel & casino, golden nugget, california casino, 5 guys in 1 hotel room, in-n-out double-double burgers, premium outlet shopping, fcuk outlet, sports-book stops, fashion show mall, victoria's secrets, bath & bodyworks, triple seven prime ribs, kryptonites, gambling, free drinks, stage-deli pastrami, cesars forum shops, fao schwartz, emporio armani, where the hell is the bathroom here?!, wynn casino visit, $5 gellato, main street buffets, more drinks, rough roulette tables, wild craps action, moody megabucks/poker machines, crazy let-it-ride play, WTF blackjack games, little sleep, late night coffees, deep talks, where the heck should we eating next?!, hot cocktail servers, local gamblers, souvenirs, late night flights and full planes. darn. time flies... good luck and good times, fellas~ cheers!

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