-i got called a 'coffee-whore' tonight... and it made me blush. i guess that explains why i was sitting on the sidewalk in front of a closed starbucks chatting (IM) with a sweet sexy stranger at 11:30pm. where's my pimp? same time, same place? :)

-i washed/waxed the car (lily) on sunday and it did NOT rain! but as fate would have it~ i drove to the gym at 10:30pm and ran through a red-dirt mudslide at the gulch along the way. * sigh *

-i went to border's yesterday to check-up on my chinese horoscopes for the year... heck , its been 4 months already in 2006 and i need some good news. but i couldn't find the books anywhere and i was too ashamed to ask. i walked out with 2 robert kiyosaki 'rich dad, poor dad' books instead on the spree. in a moment of inspiration, i decided to totally bypass this current broke-state and aim straight for the riches. yippie!

-mark your calendars: the honolulu U2 concert has been (tentatively) re-scheduled for december 9th! with or without you?

-i'm gonna try to blog daily here for the month of may. so get your neko daily, people! it's gonna be juicy~ cheers!

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