i'm peter pan, dang-it!

this post was inspired by tricia's 'growing up' post on june 14. growing up is tough when you're young and 19, but at 31 (that's me) how do you know when you're 'grown up?' it's such a simple, but deep question: how do you know when you're grown up? i feel like i've regressed in the last few years... still quite a ways from where i want to be. maybe i never changed much from those college days? i don't feel 'grown up.' i sat there with SG at starbucks last weekend pondering this, then went out to ask a few close friends. the answers are kinda fun and insightful~

how do you know when you're grown up?

- you do what you're responsible for (still working on this)
- you know when to cut yourself off (alcohol, yes. woman, no)

- you never know (hmmm.....)
- oceans is not a club (ha ha, check)
- the ability to think of other people (check, but looking for a new love)
- you have self-control (mostly, yes)
- some men never grow up (is this an option?)

what do you think?

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